Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 298. Wed 24 Oct.

Not the best day ever. 
Someone bumped my lovely new, week old car in car park but left no details.
On the other hand, these arrived to cheer me up:

Day 297. Tues 23rd Oct.

Lola's earmuffs were the fascination of the day :)

and added as I like this pic too :

Day 296. Mon 22nd Oct.

Sasha was so proud of this drawing. I love it too.

Day 295. Sunday 21st Oct.

Lovely snuggles in bed with my two girls.

Day 294. Sat 20th Oct.

Sasha went to a party today AND really enjoyed it. She danced with lots of the girls from her class, and went over to grab their hands and drag them in to dance as they arrived! Like a social butterfly ;)

Day 293. Fri 19th Oct.

Today we attacked the loft. Look what I found!!

Day 292. Thurs 18th Oct.

The sky by us was gorgeous, some might say heavenly, this evening!

Day 291. Wed 17th Oct.

I went on the Year 3 class trip to Whipsnade, got a big bad headache (boo)
 and snapped a rainbow (yay!).

Day 290. Tues 16th Oct.

Tamsin's plasticine Sylvanian rabbit, made at our Twitter party!

Day 289. Mon 15th Oct.

Love a good bike ride through the park in autumn....

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 288. Sun 14th Oct.

Chance of a 'couple' photo before a rare night out, and just can't shake the over-excited child or hide the fact that Sasha has been choosing my necklace again. 
I like both of those things really :)

Day 287. Sat 13th Oct.

Today we went to pick up our new (not 'new' new) car.
Sasha enjoyed the waiting room literature :)

Day 286. Fri 12th Oct.

This Friday was Harvest Assembly. The only word I can offer describing Sasha's participation today was 'lively'...!

Day 285. Thurs 11th Oct.

Some lovely roses which I was bought at the weekend and which are lasting well...

Day 284. Wed 10th Oct.

Tamsin spotted this big Hot Air Balloon out of her bedroom window today... 
she did think it was Coca-Cola, but no, some other big red brand it was!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 283. Tues 9th Oct.

Yes, it's that cold that my beloved microwave pooch has come back out to play....

Day 282. Mon 8th Oct.

Cheating slightly asthis one is from Sat eve... Tamsin's sleepover!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 276. Tues Oct 2nd.

Sasha made this and I loved it :-)

Day 275. Mon 1st Oct.

I'm proud of this. This is my baby Poinsettia, which was in the little gold pot last Christmas. I've looked after it and managed to not kill it - quite an achievement for me!! Am hoping it last til his Christmas and flowers again....

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 274. Sun 30 Sep.

Our super-duper, fantabulous weekend away at Center Parcs Sherwood.

Day 273. Sat 29 Sep.

All the kids together. Feeding time at the zoo.

Day 272. Fri 28 Sep.

Our Friday night... arriving at Center Parcs Sherwood! Yippeeee!

Day 271. Thurs 27 Sep.

The day that One Direction reigned supreme - when JLS were reduced to half price :( Sniff. I still love you boys!

Day 270. Wed 26 Sep.

Looks like a grumpy face but actually they had loads of fun in their blackout tent!